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About AMS Financial

America’s choice since 2004, AMS Financial has financed over 100,000 customers to build their dream homes, pools, home improvement projects, medical procedures and also offer 0% cards and unsecured loans. With over 75 years of experience in consumer finance and lending, our staff will gladly serve you and help you realize your dreams with that extra financing help. We curate, procure and fund the best programs in the market using advanced technology. Get fast 30 seconds approval and could be even same day funding for some products. We finance everything and are here to help you and your family get the best financing option as per your specific needs.


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Benefits of AMS Financial

  • Secure and confidential
  • Lower rates
  • Paperless, quick and easy
  • Credit cards and loans for all credit scores
  • More programs , endless choices

The AMS Advantage

Customers Served Since 2004
75 Years
Combined Lending Experience
Partners Who entrust AMS to Provide Financing for their Customers

Know your credit score first so you know your choices and borrowing amount. Use our free trial on site or by clicking on our loan portal to check your scores. No worries since you could cancel the free trial within 7 days and still keep your scores. Click each option to check the rates and terms for each section on our loan portal. It’s easy; just review and choose the best program.

It takes less than 60 seconds for approval from the time of completion to submission of loan application on our portal. Most of the times approval is instant and if not it is due to the data that needs some complex underwriting based on your credit scores. In such cases, in less than a week, you may be contacted by the lender or card issuer directly with a final decision.

From as little as 3-5 days to around 5 days are required for funding. It takes 2 days for credit cards to be set up that get mailed to you in 5 days. So, within 6-7 days you receive your card if approved instantly. You just need to activate the card when you receive it and pay in full for your project. In case on of an unsecured loan your funds will be deposited in your bank account and you may write a check or pay in cash for the project.

We recommend that if you are not approved with enough funds for a 0% APR program then you may also apply for a 0% credit card programs to keep your options open in the same credit category. You could also combine two programs including straight unsecured loans and get enough funding amount.

You could apply for a special option if under challenged credit category and we recommend checking your updated credit scores so that there are no surprises on your credit report.

There is no option to write the loan amount on the 0% programs or credit card application. On approval, your funding amount will be based on the maximum credit allowed based on your credit score, income and debt ratio. However, you may specify the loan amount when you apply for all other loan or unsecured loan programs and if not approved you may be given a counteroffer.

Not currently. For maintaining your confidentiality we require all loan applications to be submitted on our secure web portal where you can also read and acknowledge the loan terms and conditions including disclosures. We insist assert that only the borrower may complete the loan application and it is considered as fraud if there is any misrepresentation.

You may contact us by phone or email and we shall gladly assist you. Get a response within 2 hours when contacted within our normal business hours 9:00 AM– 5:00 PM Eastern time.