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Spray Foam

What is Spray Foam?


Continuous insulation and air sealing barrier on roofs, walls, around corners and surfaces can be achieved by applying a spray applied plastic known as Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF). Its heat resistant quality reduces air infiltration and provides superior insulation.

Save Cash with SPF

Unwanted air filtration caused by holes, gaps and air leaks results in 40% energy loss. Use SPF for better insulation and air barrier control to cut down costs. As per EPA, heating and cooling systems use up to half of the energy in a home. So it is essential to have an ideal air conditioning (HVAC), heating and ventilating system. Ease your HVAC sizing by 35% by applying SPF on air leaks.

Problem areas such as attic hatches, wiring holes, plumbing vents, open soffits, behind knee walls, furnace or duct chase ways, recessed lights, windows, doors and basement rim joists causes air leaks that can be sealed by applying SPF. Apply SPF to the roof followed by a protective, reflective coat and you get “Cool Roofs” for better temperature control; traditional roofs will be soon forgotten. As they do not require fasteners there is no scope for thermal shorts or bridges that transfer heat.

Better Durability and Structural Strength with Closed-Cell Spray Foam

SPF roofs come with a lifespan of more than 30 years for improved structural strength. Protective SPF roofing reduces seepage and can drain water better when applied in a sloped angle on the roof.

Wind uplift resistance is an exclusive feature of SPF roofs. As per an expert spray foam Consultant, overall wind and pressurization resistance is enhanced as adding SPF to the interior side acts as glue to hold the entire structure cohesively.

Ensure strength and durability with SPF. Classified as flood water resistant by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), SPF insulation can withstand harsh weather and can be easily cleaned off harmful pollutants.

Prevents mold/mildew growth

Closed-cell spray foam applied in the cavities prolongs durability as it easily adapts to any surface application. A wall assembly with SPF is more durable when compared to a wall without spray foam insulation.

Spray Foam in Indoors

The superior sealing of SPF maximizes acoustic insulation and prevents drafts for better temperature control that gives more comfort. Closed-cell spray foam protects your home from water infiltration and vapor condensation.

Protect against dust, insects and pollutants and keep away allergies by using SPF to seal gaps. Spray Foam is a thoughtful investment for sound proofing and better quality of life.

Save with SPF: