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Crawl Space


Ugly round oval vents peeking out from crawl space into the house through rectangular holes? Well, that is a nightmare as we are aware that moisture/air retention cannot be combated by just fiberglass batts. Even if your crawl space has batts, cold and warm polluted air will still invade the living space of your home and if not fully sealed then rodents, mold, earth gases etc. will be your guests.

Achieve thermal barrier from limitations due to wiring, plumbing, ductwork and uneven joist spacing by using Spray Foam in your crawl spaces between floor joists.

Open web floor trusses creating more pathways for air to move around are a concern as batts are compressed during installation and especially during summer, this warm humid air can cause mold and decay problems in the floor system. No amount of batts can efficiently insulate open web floor trusses.

In comparison, an effective moisture block between the grounds and homes subfloor space can be achieved by using closed- cell spray foam that prevents “stack effect” air/moisture movement into the homes walls that move upwards to the attic spaces.

By completely filling voids and open spaces, Spray Foam combats floor insulation problems including areas around wiring, plumbing and open webs of floor trusses providing uniform thermal insulation on the floor.

The solution to all disadvantages of other insulation products is to use Spray Foam insulation in the crawl space as its consistent thermal and stack effect barrier performance is unsurpassed.

Spray foam insulation in the crawl space is a superior insulation product that overcomes several disadvantages of other insulation products. Spray foam can provide a more uniform, consistent thermal barrier as well as provide stack effect / air flow retarding functions.