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Air Ducts

Save Energy, Seal those leaks!

Ducts are commonly used to distribute conditioned air throughout houses with heaters and coolers. However, about 20% air is lost due to poor transfer of heat through leaks, holes and poorly attached ducts. Then you get a whopping utility bill and increasing discomfort.

Warning signs for poorly connected ducts:


Benefits of Sealing Ducts

If you want a healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient home, it is essential to have a well-designed and adequately sealed duct system.


Combustion gases such as carbon monoxide are emitted by water heaters, clothes dryers and furnaces through their ventilation systems. “Back drafting” can also be caused by faulty ductwork in the heating or cooling system that pushes back these gases into the living areas rather than expelling them out of the home. Seal those leaks in the ducts for better health and safety.


Avoid too much heat in summer or freezing cold in winter by properly sealing and insulating ducts.

Fresh Air Quality

Toxic fumes are emitted by garden chemicals and insulation particles that aggravate allergy problems by circulating these toxic fumes that pollute the home interior. Sealing ducts would prevent this and improve air quality.

Environment Friendly

Burning fossil fuels at power plants provides us energy which in turn contributes to acid rain, smog, pollution and global warming. So save energy and pollute lesser. Do your contribution in protecting the environment by properly sealing ducts and reducing the energy usage and pollution.

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Save Cash

You suffer a 20% efficiency loss due to leaky ducts. So cut down your utility bills by properly sealing and insulating ducts. Also, if upgrading, a well-designed and sealed duct system can save you money and space with better dehumidification.